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Study after Study has found a link between a Good Night’s Sleep and the positive effects it has on Life Improvement and overall Happiness! Having the most Comfortable, Supportive and Luxurious pillow is a good step towards that objective!

The Ultimate in Luxury, Comfort and Support!

Have you ever been to a luxury hotel and slept on a pillow that was so snuggly, cuddly, squeezably soft, and so amazingly comfortable, that you never wanted to get out of bed? That one pillow gave you the ultimate neck support, with no sagging, and was so smooth and comfy that you got your Best Night’s Sleep? This pillow is our Priceless Pillow™ and it is the pillow and the great night’s sleep that you have been searching for.

Priceless Pillow is an advanced, “premium quality” pillow that is built with Perfect Sleep Engineering™ – premium quality engineering, design, materials and craftsmanship! It is the Ultimate in Luxury, Comfort and Support, and it’s Affordable, so you get your Best Night’s Sleep and Enjoy a Healthier, Happier Life!

Priceless Pillow™ is the mastery of the world’s top pillow engineers, pillow designers, pillow craftsmen, and pillow materials experts. It is The Most Comfortable Pillow You Will Ever Sleep On! You will be amazed from the moment you open the box of your Priceless Pillow™! This beautifully crafted pillow has an elegant, quilted, finely stitched, 100% Tencel, outer layer and an inner layer that is engineered to be so comfortable, supportive and responsive that you just “Melt Into It” – it even comes in packaging that looks Priceless!

We Guarantee that you will Love our Pillows!

  • Very Fine, High Threadcount, 100% TENCEL Fabric:Microscopic Tencel fibers are “smoother and silkier” than other fibers such as cotton.Tencel is natural and one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics.

Tencel prevents the growth of bacteria, which cause odors, and therefore remain odor free much longer than cotton -this means fewer washings and saving on water/energy as well as on the wear and tear that occurs on any fabric from the washing and drying processes.

Tencel is hypoallergenic and will not likely cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals – it is also anti-static and doesn’t cling.

  • Super Fine Virgin Gel Fibers – mimic down without the negative properties of down, continuously hold their soft, fluffy shape and automatically adjust to your head and neck –regardless of sleep position- and these proprietary fibers WILL NOT CLUMP like those of competitive pillows.
  • Quilted Micro-Cushions – offer extra comfort, support and durability
  • Breathes – stays cool 24/7 regardless of room temperature
  • Hypo- Allergenic
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Machine Washable
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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