Is Your Pillow a Pain in the Neck?

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When it comes to the best pillow, there's no such thing as a ''one size fits all'' approach. Everyone has different sleeping habits, and not to mention, some people may suffer from pre-existing neck pain. This means that finding the best pillow is a very personal journey! 

Learn more about how your pillow choice has a major effect on your quality of sleep... 

Why a Great Pillow Matters So Much 

Whether you prefer to sleep on your side, back, or stomach, the pillow you rest your head on plays a major role in how you sleep. If you wake up after a full night's rest but don't actually feel rested, this is a sign that you're suffering from poor quality sleep. This is often caused by sleeping position and pillow choice. 

It's a staggering thought, but humans spend an average of one-third of their lives asleep. That's a lot of time spent with your head on your pillow. If it's below-par, you'll begin to feel the effects, especially in your neck.

If you suffer from pre-existing neck pain caused by an injury, this makes your pillow choice all-the-more important. While minor neck injury may heal in a few weeks, poor pillow choice can exacerbate the problem and leave you with chronic pain.   

The Best Pillows For Neck Pain 

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, the best position to sleep is on your side or your back. Sleeping on your stomach is a major no-no and can only hyper-extend the neck for hours at a time. The same goes for pillows that are too stiff. They tend to strain the neck muscles, keeping them flexed throughout the night.

The best type of pillow to support your neck while you sleep is rounded and firm, but not too firm. The rounded shape helps to support the natural curve of the spine while supporting the head. 

Another important consideration is the filling of your pillow. Pillows made from memory foam, latex or polyester fill are often rated the best for head and neck support. 

Pillow Choice Considerations 

Did you know that ideally, you should be changing up the pillow you sleep on every two years? This is especially important if you prefer feather pillows. Over time, the filling compresses down and loses its much-needed support. Here's how to choose a pillow suited to you... 

Firm Support

Firm support pillows are ergonomically designed to align the head, neck, shoulders, and back as you sleep. But firm support pillows aren't for everybody and could be an adjustment initially. Firm pillows with high density are ideal for people who move around a lot in their sleep from their back to their side. Some firm support pillows provide extra support around the neck area which could also be an adjustment when first using the pillow. Most of the time, these types of pillows are made from high-density memory foam or latex. 

Medium Support 

Medium support pillows are generally a little softer and more comfortable. Some brands of medium support pillows are covered with vented Tencel material, designed to keep the head cool at night. They're also well-suited to people who suffer from allergies. These pillows are heavy and dense in nature, but allow the head and neck to mold into the pillow a little more naturally. 

Soft Support 

Soft support pillows are generally quite flat and soft in design and are ideal for stomach sleepers who deal with neck pain. Flat pillows tend to compress down even further as you sleep, however most brands offer a fluffy, soft cradle for the neck. 

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